Maria Vila, lawyer

I advise and defend my clients in the field of private law, which involves the things that happen in our day-to-day life. I am capable of working with several international legal systems at a time to ensure the efficiency of legal transactions featuring foreign elements. In addition, I have immersed myself in administrative law, helping provide my clients with a more complete and comprehensive vision.

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My areas of expertise

Private law

My services encompass the different branches of private law that regulate relationships and interests between both individuals and companies.

Administrative law

I provide advice to my clients and I assist and defend them in their relationships with the different administrations. .

International insolvency law

I represent foreign insolvency practitioners in cross-border procedures.

About me

My specialisation in private comparative law combined with my wealth of experience in a law firm with a global outreach and my fluency in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German enable me to communicate and interact with lawyers from across the world, attend conferences throughout Europe and work with several legal systems at once.

Graduated from Pompeu Fabra University

Specialisation course in Israel

Admitted to the bar in 2014

Founder of

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A tailor-made service from a multidisciplinary perspective

I offer confidence-based comprehensive legal advice to my clients, adjusting my service to meet my clients’ individual needs, whatever they may be. My personalised service offers a broad and global view which considers all variables that may influence each case.

I assist my foreign clients in overcoming the obstacles to establishing legal relationships within the framework of other legal systems, guiding them throughout the entire process to ensure their legal transactions are both efficient and transparent.

My projects

I am the founding partner of, a team of lawyers that is highly specialised in offering legal advice, consultation and representation in all matters relating to the Transparency Law and which provides a comprehensive service that considers all aspects of the regulations so that it can be applied globally.


These are fundamental to my work as a lawyer

I’m always at ease when working with her.

Maria Vila’s qualities are essential in a business such as mine: proactivity, determination, perseverance and expertise.

Testimoni Sitelabs
Marc Martí

Growth hacker

She works with such efficiency and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Maria Vila is experienced beyond her years; she is friendly yet firm when she needs to be and her knowledge of the law matches her interpersonal skills.

Testimoni Gemma Durand
Gemma Durand


She fills me with confidence.

Maria Vila works with the utmost professionalism, dedication and generosity; she is a tireless worker and provides her invaluable insight to any subject that she handles.

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Ignasi Moreta

Editor and teacher at UPF